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Cleaner Production

Cleaner tanning technologies that reduces either the quantum of emanation of pollution load or improves resource efficiency. ILIFO provides on-site technical guidance to adopt these technologies in the tanneries and train the personnel for regular operations. A total of about 120 such methodologies have been documented.



Processing raw hides and skins into finished leather involves emanation of liquid and solid waste and to a very lesser extent gaseous emissions. The liquid wastes are generated due to removal unwanted materials from hides and skins, unreacted chemicals, reaction products formed during the reaction with chemicals and impurities in the input chemicals. The waste are unacceptable for discharge in to the eco-system and hence several stages treatment of the wastewater is required. There are many cleaner technologies available to reduce the quantum of pollutant load.


While adopting the cleaner technologies, the efficiency of treatment plants is increased and hence the cost of treatment is reduced. With proper control of the processes, there could be improved quality of finished leather and reduction in cost of chemicals.


The approach of ILIFO in implementing the cleaner production will start with an assessment of the existing production processes with respect to the raw materials and finished leather. During the assessment, all specific measures for reducing the pollutant load either in terms of quality or quantity will be identified. While some measures will require only work practices, others may require physical modifications or installations. Guidance for improving the work practice and physical modifications will be provided. Guidance will also be provided during the implementation and fine-tuning until standardization of the processes.