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Energy is an important area to focus now-a-days due to several factors. The main issue is availability of energy. The erratic power supply affects the production.  Conservation measures will result in savings in energy as well as expenditure on energy. ILIFO has one certified energy auditor and certified energy manager in its roll to roll out the energy conservation related services.


Energy auditing provides a wide opportunity for tanneries to cut down the cost for electricity, fuel oil and firewood. The energy conservation has become  one of the focus areas for tanneries located in Pallavaram, which face perennial shortage of electric power.


The main energy consuming equipment in a tannery is the tunnel drier of autospray. The firewood energy is more expensive than electricity. Alternative sources of energy like solar air heating and IR lamps provide good scope for reducing the energy spent for drying in tunnel driers of autospary.


Electrical energy consumption can be optimized by several ways. Some of them are: bearings for drums, machine cut gears and pinions, gear box system in place of flat belts, use of capacitors at load end, arresting leaks of compressed air, water conservation, load optimization in process vessels, use of energy efficient motors and HVLP spray guns.


 The potential energy savings varies from 20% to 27% in a tannery according to past experience.


So far ILIFO has conducted about 12 energy audits in tanneries. The energy savings were identified up to 20% on the present consumption.


The main energy source is heat energy than the electrical energy in tanneries processing from semifinish to finished leather.