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Social Aspects

Ever since production centres moved from developed countries to developing countries, there has been the emergence of private standards in the international trade of leather and leather products. Some of reasons for the emergence of these private standards are consumer safety and protection, voluntary gestures to improve the social aspects of manufacturing by major brands or buying houses, pressure from NGOs and activists to ensure better work conditions, worker safety and welfare, etc.; keeping high the perceived value of the brands / retail chains in the marketplace, for greater profits. While these Private Standards may provide opportunities to the manufacturers, complying with these standards is quite difficult in terms of expenditure and time.


ILIFO provides technical services to companies in improving the social aspects as required by the international standards or buyers requirements.


ILIFO conducted pan India survey for UNIDO on these Private Standards. A guide book was prepared by UNIDO based on the study.


ILIFO conducted social aspects improvement audit in 18 leather garment manufacturing units all over India with an objective to prepare them for export complaint.