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Currently, ILIFO has been working on the following areas:


  • Common Facility Centre in Melvisharam.
  • J&K SIDCO Common Facility Centre & CETP upgradation.
  • DPR for additional 0.5 mld ZLD system in Ranitec CETP ( CEMCOT)
  • LWG Audit in Venkat & Co.
  • Establishment of ETP in Leayan Global, Kanpur.
  • Cleaner Technologies in Leayan Global Tannery
  • Improved chrome recovery system
  • Solid Waste Management in Florence ETP.
  • Testing lab and Design Studio in Agra( CLRI)
  • Additional 1mld capacity ZLD project ( CLRI)
  • Upgradation of ZLD system in KHEIPL Tannery, Ranipet
  • LWG Audit in Shee Sen Tannery Kolkata.