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case studies & experience

Cleaner tanning technologies


  • About 120 methodologies, which reduce waste either in terms of quantity or quality of waste in leather processing, have been documented by ILIFO
  • Out of 120, about 70 techniques can be easily implementable
  • Most of these methodologies are applicable for SMEs


Effluent Treatment:


  • Provided technical consultancy to 16 CETPs and 22 ETPs in leather industry, one ETP and one CETP in textile industry
  • Facilitated investment for environment protection in effluent treatment plants over Rs. 210 crores in Tamil Nadu
  • Experiences are in the following technologies: Physical-chemical treatment, biological treatment – both aerobic and anaerobic, anaerobic digestion of sludge and fleshings, zero liquid discharge systems based on reverse osmosis and evaporation of reject, accelerated evaporation using solar energy, mechanical evaporation based on thermal energy and reed bed treatment

Solid waste management


  • Conversion of tannery solid waste into by-products such as leather board, additive to poultry meal and glue
  • Composting of sludge 
  • Landfill for sludge and special landfill for salt-laden solid residue

Occupational safety and health aspects


  • Assessments in 125 tanneries and 3 CETPs
  • Customized advice to tanneries and effluent treatment units
  • 170 personnel trained on best practices



  • Number of people trained by ILIFO so far: 2099 (until May 2012)
  • Training methodologies are based on workshops, seminars and on-site training